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The Sound Sleeper app was founded by Michael and Miriam Feigenson in 2012. We are a mom-and-pop family business that creates mobile applications for parents. We build apps that answer the needs of parents like ourselves, from conception to the toddler years. Our apps are extensively home-tested and we strive to provide the most user-friendly experience possible. 

Michael is a native of Moscow who has lived in Israel since 1990. Miriam is originally from Boston and moved to Israel in 2001. We live in the beautiful city of Jerusalem, just thirty minutes walk from the historical Old City.

Michael is a physicist who enjoys computer programming; Miriam teaches Arabic literature and comparative religion in university. We speak English between ourselves, and have four other languages in common (Hebrew, Russian, German and French). Miriam also speaks some other great languages – Arabic and Spanish. We raise our children in Russian and English, and they usually answer us in Hebrew (sigh).

In our free time - when we have it - we enjoy playing chamber music together, Miriam on piano and Michael on viola. Currently our major audience and strongest supporters are our dear family members. Stay posted for our Carnegie Hall debut!

Miriam loves sports and used to compete in triathlons. She even won first place a few times in Israeli national competitions. But that was a long time ago! One of her heartfelt contributions to the family is raising our awareness of sustainability and environmentally-friendly living, something that formerly Soviet Michael was not aware of. Thus we compost in our local community garden, bike to work, use cloth diapers, recycle whatever we can, and try to tread lightly on the earth. 

We started the Sound Sleeper app in February 2012 to provide a home for the applications Michael had written for our own use, and to make them more widely available. Drop us a line if you try them and find them useful, and especially if you have suggestions for improvement. We love hearing from our users!

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