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Strangely effective, science based, sound patterns

That put babies to sleep . . . and that parents can actually enjoy!


6 million downloads
and counting!

Over 1 billion relaxation sessions

A screnshot of the Womb sound playing in Sound Sleeper app


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It all started when we couldn’t figure out how to get our newborn son to sleep.

When our son was a baby, he was a very light sleeper and it took a toll on all of us in the family. (Yes, that's him over there on the left!)

Michael believed white noise was the answer, but I (Miriam) couldn't stand the sounds.

All the white noise solutions had sounds that would annoy me and stress me out (and weren’t very effective in putting our baby to sleep either).

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Sound sleeper banner background2.png

Michael decided to put his skills as a professionally trained musician and physicist to the test.

He started experimenting with white noise sounds, and soon found a few which were super effective in calming our baby, and were also pleasant to adults’ ears.

Our lives changed!

These sounds worked like magic. Our baby would fall asleep in a matter of seconds . . . really! and we both could drift off to sleep with the sounds as well. 

In our home in Jerusalem, Israel. 2013

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A screenshot of Seashore sound playing on Sound Sleeper app

So we decided to build an app hoping to help other parents dealing with the issue of baby sleep.

We developed the baby sleep app together in our spare time, and put it in the App Store.

Sound sleeper banner background2.png

Who could imagine that within a few years Sound Sleeper would become one of the most popular baby sleep apps in the App Store?

Without any advertising, the app went viral. Parents were simply sharing and recommending it to each other. They called it (and still do!) a "lifesaver."


Even celebrities started talking about Sound Sleeper

Cheryl Tweedy swears by our app to get her son to sleep


So . . . we invite you to join the Sound Sleeper family, together with millions of parents from around the world.

Treat YOUR family to a good night's sleep!

What parents are saying about Sound Sleeper app

"This app is hands down the best app I have on my phone.
I have used it with all three of my kids and it hasn't failed me once. 
It's a life saver!"

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