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Relax, Focus, Sleep

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Sounds to calm your baby and find your inner peace 


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4.9 stars

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Mother and Baby Sleeping

A leading sleep, relaxation and focus app, with millions of satisfied users.


Relax with Sound Sleeper, day or night.

Lull your baby to sleep in minutes.

Focus better when studying or at work. 


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"I’ve used this app for both my kids. It literally will stop their crying and put them to sleep so fast. It’s a lifesaver with newborns and little babies!"

- App Store Review


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"Best app ever! I'm a mother of two and this app helped them get to sleep when nothing else would work. Love it!"

- App Store Review

"Fantastic! Not only amazing for my son but it is amazing for getting me to sleep too, during the day, after I've been on night shift!"

- App Store Review


About Us

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Hi, Michael and Miriam here! We created Sound Sleeper App when our son was born, to help him sleep better.


Our baby is now in school, but Sound Sleeper is still a big part of our lives. The app helps us relax at home, and focus at work.

We've helped millions of babies, and grown-ups, to fall asleep sleep, stay asleep and find their inner peace.


We hope you love Sound Sleeper as much as we do. Welcome to the family!


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